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Today, most of the computer users need to download various types of software products and documents from the Internet and to ensure that the download is quick regardless of their Internet connection speed. Also, most of the authors or developers put their files in zipped format. Here is a cool utility to unzip all types of .zip files called 1 Click UnZip 3.0. You can use this tool both in advanced and simple view. The tool is available for almost all types of Windows operating systems, including XP. 1 Click UnZip 3.0 is a real one-click tool to unzip any kind of software and it also integrates with your IE or other browser to ensure that, while viewing the .zip file, you can easily select to unzip it using this tool. With this product, you can select what to do after unzipping the files; the options available are: Install the software (if it's a set up file), Browse with Explorer and Open the folder, or Keep the file as it is. 1 Click UnZip 3.0 has no unwanted reminders or pop ups while unzipping the files. It also ensures that the user can select the folder where the unzipped files would be stored.

Systems: Windows

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